Anti-spam email address page (experimental)

Do you want my email address?
Well, spammers want it, too!... Most spammers use stupid robots that would scan any web page for '@' signs. For example you can bet many robots will send emails to this address:! Below are various tricks such that robots can't get my address while you human (hopefully) can... I apologize for the inconvenience. If you have complains or suggestions, please email me :-)

Type this:  fred-email.jpg

This is a jpeg image that normally robots can't read. If you can read it, then you can type it into your email program (using your fingers). NB: clicking on the image just shows it full size.


This is plain text that you can edit it so that it looks like the image above ('_' = '.' or '@'). Clicking on the link opens mail program.

Just do it: 

This is a javascript (inspired from Here, clicking on the link would really open your mail program with the correct address, but this may or may not work depending on your browser configuration. In particular, you need javascript enabled.

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